Pepperoni Bread

Growing up we would have pepperoni bread all of the time.  When I would play volleyball on the weekend, my mother would buy a loaf so I could eat it between games.  For my bridal shower I received this recipe and I make it all of the time.  Best part?  You can put as much … Read More

Crock Pot Chicken Burritos

Using the Crock Pot is my new favorite kitchen appliance.  Until I borrowed my Mother’s Crock Pot, I couldn’t make anything in it without burning dinner.  Eric actually banned me from ever using it.  And then I used hers and my entire world changed.  This is by far my favorite recipe, I have to resist … Read More

Repurposed Address Numbers

As part of fixing up the outside of our house, we got new house numbers.  We were too afraid that they would break when we took them off the house so we spent $10 on new house numbers.  But as always, after searching on Pinterest for ideas Eric and I just came up with our … Read More

House Warming Gift: It’s A Wonderful Life Theme

Growing up brings on lots of new experiences and celebrations.  You are no longer just going to someone’s birthday party once a year.  Now there are celebrations for marriage, babies, and new homes.  I am sure there are many more but I am learning as I am going.  One of the hardest gifts I have … Read More


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About Me

I enjoy making crafts to customize and personalize our life. Our friends and family have begun asking for customized products as well which enabled the launch of Levicky Landing.

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