Festive Dorm Room

Happy Holidays!! 

One of the best parts of living in a dorm room at school is that you can decorate and try new things different from your family and it is all on your own or with your roommate.

Usually for the holidays I put up a mini tree that I love and have had since I was probably in 5th grade.  You can tell its old because not only do I have mini Looney Tunes ornaments, but I also have Harry Potter ornaments from before the movies came out!  Surprisingly all of my Christmas tree decorations have lasted this long but I love them!

From Freshman Year

Last year, my mother found a Charlie Brown tree at Walgreens for $5 so she bought it for me and it is so cute and funny that I can’t resist putting it up!

This year I have a new addition to my room that I am so excited to share because it is cute and was so easy!  I was looking on Pinterest and I found a wonderful window decoration for my room that originated from Saving Money Living Life.  I must say this was extremely fun and I only had the first picture to go off of because the link didn’t work.  Here is what it is suppose to look like:

After a month of waiting I couldn’t wait to go shopping so here is what I bought:

  1. Red Christmas Bow (Medium Size)
  2. 9″ Garland
  3. Fun Ornaments (I used approximately 30 and shatterproof in case I dropped them)
  4. 4 Rolls of 3/8 thickness white ribbon
  5. 1 Tension Rod
I started by taking my shower curtain tension rod and I made it approximately the size of the window and then I wrapped the garland around it.  Don’t worry too much about covering up all the little white spots because you can fix them up later.  Put up the tension rod where you want it.
Start on one end and work your way across the windwo with the ornaments.  Tie the ribbon to the ornament tight and cut off the excess ribbon.  then hold up the roll of ribbon to the window and measure how long you want it to be before cutting the ribbon.  This helps because as you continue you will stagger them and you can see it before you hang the ornament.  Cut the ribbon and tie it to the tension rod.  I tried to not tie it over the garland but string it underneath it so I could readjust.  Again trim at the top by the garland.  Continue this across the window staggering the heights and go back and add more if you need to.

Fix the garland so that it covers the tension rod and tie your bow to the top.  You are all done!  I put my Charlie Brown tree on the window sill too so I worked around it but here is my final product:

I watched a Christmas movie and I got in the Christmas spirit while decorating!  It is so cheerful in a bland dorm room so it makes me smile every time I see it.

If you have a little girl or want a fun door decoration, this would be fun in the doorway instead of hanging beads as long as you get shatterproof ornaments.

Happy Holidays everyone and enjoy the season!  Please share what your favorite holiday decoration is!

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