Invitation Ornament

Happy Day After Christmas!  I hope everything went well and you enjoyed time with your family and friends!

Now that I have given out all of my Christmas presents, I can finally share what crafts I have done this season!

My fiance’s sister got married in June so I found a pin on Pinterest from Christy Robbins for an adorable ornament from the wedding invitation!  I highly suggest checking out her blog post because it is wonderful.

Here is what my ornament ended up looking like and I love it!  This is actually the first time I have seen someone opent the ornament too and the two of them absolutely loved it which made it even more special!

I want to share some tips as well that I learned from actually making the ornament.

Before I begin I need to mention that I do not suggest doing this project until after the wedding or make a copy of the invitation so you can look back at it if you wanted to make it as gift for the wedding.  I cut up the invitation before the wedding and I felt so stupid asking my Future Mother In-Law the details over and over again.

When you cut the invitation, I suggest cutting it so that it is with the lines of the text.  you may have different size pieces but it will give the ornament character.  This particular invitation was a cream colored sheet of paper with the text on top of blue paper and they separated easily so I cut both sheets.

The next thing I suggest doing is splitting up the strips into what text is important and what is not.  You won’t be able to fit every strip in the ornament so it can help you prioritize.  In addition to the text, I also included two of the blue strips of paper to give the ornament color.
Next, we want the strips to be in curls.  This was my favorite part of making the ornament because it was so easy!  All you need is a pen or pencil.  Wrap the strip around the pencil tight and take it off, simple as that!
Once you are finished, stuff the curls inside the ornament and you are all done!  This is one of my favorite ornaments and it is so sentimental and attractive.  I can’t wait to make one for myself!
It is also a great idea for any other kind of invitations especially baby announcements!
Happy Crafting,

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