Dates for a Year

So I must start this post with mentioning that it is not the most successful Christmas gift but we will see how it goes for the rest of 2013.

I gave this to my fiance because he didn’t want anything for Christmas.  I figured what better way to spend my money then paying in advance for some of the things we would do!

I apologize because I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped the gift!  Since I got the idea from Find Joy In The Journey, I will use their picture and explain it.

Here is the Christmas gift:

The basic concept is for every month there is an envelope with a pre-paid date idea inside.  The hardest part about making the gift was that I had to come up with 12 quality date ideas that don’t break the bank.
I decided on this gift because Eric didn’t really want anything for Christmas and this is a great way for us to still go on dates together even though we will be saving money for all of our new bills!
All you have to do is put a note explaining the date and the money needed in a sealed envelope with the month labeling it.  In the blog that I read, she bought gift cards for each place but Eric hates gift cards so instead I just put the actual cash in the envelopes.  It is also nice in case we don’t spend everything so we can keep what is leftover or spend it on other dates!
What isn’t posted in the other blog is that no one wants to wait to open a gift for every month.  Well at least my fiance didn’t!  Eric told me I was crazy for thinking he would wait until that month to open it so he opened them all right there but oh well!  He opened every single one right in front of me.  I was so disappointed but hopefully your significant others won’t do that too!
Since he opened them all, I thought I would share our future dates!  Even if you need a regular date idea, check them out!  Keep in mind we are geting married in August and are currently engaged and getting ready for the married life.
  • January – Recreating our engagement with dinner!
  • February – Ice skating and money for hot chocolate
  • March – Order in dinner and Bride and Groom Challenge.  If you are married, they have one for Husband and Wife as well!
  • April – Make a craft for our apartment (Look forward to this blog post!)
  • May – Going for a hike or bike ride and taking a picnic with us
  • June – Free cooking class at William-Sonoma
  • July – Drive-in movie
  • August – We are getting married and have our honeymoon so just a simple relaxing night making dinner together and watching a movie.  Since this will probably be our first weekend married at home, it might be the best date!
  • September – Simple spa night of his choice.
  • October – Buy a carving book with patterns and carve pumpkins.  Since this can take all day, money for ordering dinner as well so I don’t have to cook!
  • November – Inviting a couple over and hosting our friends for probably our first event!  I am sure we will be busy and won’t get to see many people.
  • December – Bake Christmas cookies and watch a Christmas movie!
I am excited for our first date in January!  Let me know how your basket goes if you make one!
Happy Crafting,

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