More Tea Cups!

Hi Everyone!

Mother and I made more tea cups this week and we are doing our last round next week!  It is kind of bittersweet but I am sure we will have plenty more to do for the bridal shower.

I wanted to share our favorite tea cup of this round:


So pretty!  We are both currently trying to claim it as our own!  If you want to know how to make them, check out my post Tea Cup Candles.  So easy!

While we were making them I spilled wax all over myself.  Oops!

How to get wax out of clothes
Thankfully I was wearing jeans.  If you want to get the wax out, just put a paper towel over the spot and iron it (first time these jeans every got ironed).  There was a stain left from the dye so I put some stain stick and it all came out!  I was so shocked, I even went to the store and bought a new pair of jeans to replace these but I don’t need them anymore!
Happy Crafting,

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