Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!!!

As a math geek, I not only love the fact that I get to eat pie but also that I get to celebrate a day because it is a famous irrational number!  I wanted to share with you what activities I planned for Pi Day.

Before I share our activities I want to show you our fundraiser activity last semester.  We made shirts that you will see in a later picture.  We sold them with the incentive of free pie on Pi Day if they wore their shirt…shhh they would have gotten free pie anyway!  The fundraiser was very successful so that was very exciting.
Math Shirt
i 8 sum pi …and it was delicious
Of course we had to have pie!  We also played games and I want to share some of our events for the day.  We have a Pi Chain that we use every year where we keep track of the next digits of pi.  So how it works, is there is one giant ring for the 3.  We gave each number 0-9 a color and when someone walks in, they grap the corresponding next digit of pi strip of paper.  We have them write their name and the date and then they add it to the chain.  It is really cool to look at the chain over the years and see who came.  Sorry the picture is blurry but check out our chain!
Paper Chain

After that, we had a competition to see who remembered the most digits of pi and it was actually one of our new professors that memorized the most digits.  I think he memorized at least 100 digits.  To be honest I could barely keep up to make sure he had the right digits let alone count them all!

We had Pi Day sudoku that you can download here with instructions on how to play.  It is kind of cool because it only uses the first 12 digits of Pi.

Sudoku Puzzle

Our last event was Pi Jeopardy that I got from Pam Burke’s website.  It was a huge hit!  Not everyone participated but even the people who didn’t participate enjoyed watching others play.  It was great so I highly suggest playing the game.

I hope everyone enjoyed Pi Day!  What did you do for Pi day?

Happy Pi Day,

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