How To Sew A Pillow

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So obviously I have something up my sleeve that I am going to post because I wouldn’t just post how to make a pillow.  That means you have something to look forward to!!

Honestly, making a pillow is super easy!  I haven’t done one in a really long time but after I got going, it all came back to me.



  • Fabric
  • Pillow Form (or Stuffing)
  • Thread to match your fabric
I should inform you about why I prefer pillow form over stuffing.  Pillow form may be a little more expensive but I think it is worth it.
Pillow Form is pretty much just a pillow that you are putting your fabric around. So you are making a pillowcase.
Stuffing is what it is, you stuff your fabric.
I think Pillow Form is better because it is more consistent.  When you stuff a pillow with stuffing it has a lumpy look to it and I am not a big fan.  But then again I am sort of OCD about stuff like that.


Cut your fabric into two squares an inch longer on each side than the actual pillow.  For this example my pillow form was 12×12 so I cut it to be 14×14.

Cutting Pillow Fabric
Pin the “right sides” (pattern side) of the fabric together so the “wrong sides” are facing out.
Pin pattern sides together
Sew the pillows in the following shape way with a sewing machine.  I sewed 5/8″ into the fabric but that is because there is a nice line on my sewing machine that I could line up the edge of the fabric with.
I suggest leaving the middle of the edge open instead of the corner because sewing a corner by hand takes a little more effort than just a side.
Sewing a pillow
After sewing, you can reverse the pillow so that the “right side” is now facing out.  Make sure to get the corners as cornery as possible.
You can use a pin to help pull the fabric out in the corner.
Pillow Corners
Now stuff the pillow form or stuffing inside of the pillow!
Okay here is the worst part, I will be honest, this can take forever.  You need to invisible stitch the opening close.  So turn on some TV and start sewing!
Invisible stitching
Once that is done, you have a pretty pillow!!
Do you have any tips for making a pillow?  Please share if you do!
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  1. Invisible stitching is pretty easy (actually the only hand stitching I know how to do)! If you notice the picture, the fabric happens to be folded inside. All you have to do is thread through one side of the inside fabric (like putting in a pin) then go to the other and do the same. Go back and forth down the pillow. Super easy! I am sure there are Youtube videos on it too if that isn't clear.

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