Grandma’s Dish Cloths

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to share with you something my MiMi (grandma) taught me how to make!  In our house, we don’t buy dish cloths but instead MiMi would make them for us.

When I was in high school she showed me how to make them and now I have probably made around 20 wash cloths.

For christmas, I gave Eric a bunch for when he moves into our house and I want to share them with you!  Mom has already requested a bunch the next time I make them too!

They are in high demand in our family!

To prove to you how easy it is to make these dishcloths, I took a picture of the instructions, it isn’t even a full page!


  • Worsted Weight Cotton
  • Size 10 or 10.5 knitting needles
I love using Susan Bates needles so I highly suggest them!  I really enjoy having the metal feel and the tapping sound because it makes me feel like a real knitter.  I know, I am a geek.
Here is the label of the yarn I use in case you want to use the same.  I haven’t run out since I started yet so I think it is totally worth it!


  • Cast On 1 row
  • Knit 1 row
  • Continually Knit 2, yarn over, knit for the rest of the row until there are 50 stitches on your needle
  • Continually Knit 1, Knit 2 stitches together, yarn over, knit 2 together, knit for the rest of the row until there are 4 stitches left on the needle
  • Knit 1 row
  • Bind off
Super easy right?!  It doesn’t even need a pattern that is how easy it is to do!  I am not an amazing knitter so this takes me about 2.5 hours for each one but I definitely think this is even a great beginner project!

Adjustments to the pattern are for the size of the washcloths.  My mother prefers when I knit until there are 60 stitches on the needle because they are significantly bigger.  These are extremely easy to adjust because the size is based on how many stitches are on the needle before you start decreasing.

When you make it through the third step, note that you have just made half of the washcloth (diagonally cut) so you can easily keep going if you want it bigger!

I hope you enjoy them as much as my family does!

Happy Crafting,

16 thoughts on “Grandma’s Dish Cloths

  1. Love them! It's such a shame I can not knit {but maybe I'll learn soon!} Thank you for sharing this with our readers at our ALL MY BLOGGY FRIENDS party 🙂

    With A Blast

  2. I haven't knit since my little girl was born, and I miss it. Perhaps this would be the perfect project to help me remember how to do it!

  3. These are wonderful! My grandmother made me a handful of dish clothes just like these and they are the best dish clothes I have ever had! They have been used so many times and still look great! I just have to sit down myself and teach myself to make some of these! Thanks for the tutorial:)

  4. My grandma gives me these every Christmas! I'll be so sad when she can't make them for me anymore! Thanks for the pattern, I should learn to knit one of these days!!

  5. I definitely suggest learning on these! This is how Learned how to knit and it is so easy because you only have to knit. The best part is it is small so you feel accomplished quickly!

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