Coral Spiral Bracelet

Hi Everyone!

I feel like I have been so far behind on posts lately because I usually write them a week before they post.  Here I am writing my post the day of!

Before I begin, I want to give a special shout out to my parents, it is their 25th Anniversary.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Today I actually want to share something I made my mother for Mothers Day!

I actually got my inspiration for the bracelet from One Artsy Mama.  She made her own but I thought it needed something extra so I made one for mom with the addition of a white bead in between the coral beads.
She actually wears it a lot and has gotten several compliments on it!
I have NEVER made jewelry before but this was super easy!  If I can do it, so can you!
The supplies are also very inexpensive compared to other stores and I could not find the coral beads online at Michaels or Jo-Ann (I’ll save you the trouble of searching now).



Cut 4 loops off of the memory wire

Just a note, I started with the coral shell and ended with one as well.

Slide on a crimp tube, then bead, then crimp tube.  Position where you would like the main bead on the bracelet and use the crimp tool to crush the tubes and secure the bead in place.

This is in the middle of the bracelet

Repeat until you are done alternating coral shell and twister bead!

Next, I used the needle nose pliers to make a spiral at each end since the wire seemed sharp.

All done!  It was so easy too!  It turned out perfect and was extremely simple!

What did you do for your mother for Mother’s day?

Happy Crafting,

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