How To Personalize Place Cards

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Confession time, I spent way too much time thinking about how I wanted to do my place cards for the wedding.  It was something everyone would be guaranteed to see and it also had to have something that deciphered what meal they were having too.

Has this ever happened to you?  Something super pointless but for some reason matters because people might actually note that detail.

Good thing I did too because people have complimented them!

So let me give you some tips and tell you what I did!

Distinguish meals place cards

Our colors for the wedding were red, white, silver, and a damask pattern.  It was very easy to use black in the things I was doing so it almost became part of the wedding colors!
The place cards are Martha Stewart brand, Martha Stewart Crafts Place Cards, Flourish.  Be warned, it took them a few hours to dry.  I then distinguished the meals based on the different color bows.
A huge hit!
I was so glad I put so much thought into them because people commented on them!  Now on to how to personalize your own place cards:

Not so Generic

If you don’t need to distinguish the meals, have fun with your place cards!  You don’t need to buy generic place cards  but get ones with a trim or have a fun edging or in my case both!
This is the simplest way to make your place cards stand out from normal place cards.

Change Your Font

Instead of sticking to a single font for both the name and the table number, change it up!  I used a normal print for the person and a cursive font for the table number.  My cursive font is “Great Vibes” if you want to use it yourself.  I downloaded it free online that I am sure you can find by a simple google search.
By changing your font, it makes the place cards more interesting and appealing to the eye.  The different fonts is actually my favorite change about the place cards!

Distinguish Meals

There are so many different ways to distinguish meals but this is your most creative way to make you place cards yours.  Here are a few:
  • Small bows in different colors
  • Punch outs in the shape of something from your theme in different colors
  • A chicken, beef, fish, etc picture on your place card
  • Different colored place cards
Even place cards can be tied in with a theme and make them seem more like your own!  There are so many different ways to personalize your own place cards!
Leave me a comment if you have any other ideas to personalize your place cards!
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