Wet Bar

Hi Everyone!

We finally (sort of) finished our basement!  We are still waiting until later this month to finish the bathroom but the rest of it is finished!

When we looked at the house and saw the basement, we just knew we had to put a bar down there!  Eric built it all on his own (besides installing the counters).  Check it out!

Eric has surprised me every day of our marriage because I didn’t really think he could do any of that.  Well honestly, I hadn’t really thought about it.
To make it more amazing, check out the before and after photo!

Wet Bar
Isn’t that change crazy?!  We absolutely love it, and Eric did an amazing job!
Are you ready to see how he did it?  Well I’m ready to share because it was painful starting it off.  Since its a WET bar, pluming comes first and that means a giant hole in our wall.  I cringe just thinking about it!
Pluming and Electrical
I didn’t mention that he ripped up the flooring too, nothing like seeing the basement at its worst!
When he put the hole in the wall all I could think of was “I hope he isn’t one of those guys that starts a project and never finishes it!”.  Keep in mind we were married for a month when he started.
Next, he did the plumbing and the electrical.  Extra outlets were necessary, I am sure at one point in time there will be a crock pot for a party and blender plugged into the outlets.
Wet Bar
He almost set our house on fire when he was doing the welding!  Thankfully I was hanging out with my mother so I wasn’t there to freak out.
We decided to have our bar designed at Lowe’s because we didn’t really know what we were doing with regards to cabinet size.  I think you can go to Home Depot too but they didn’t seem to intelligent when we tried to compare prices.  They completely designed our kitchen with stock cabinets and our input.
Next, we had to decide on all of the details.  That was actually the hardest part.  Lowe’s was actually having a deal where grade E granite was the price of the solid surface I liked.  Score!
Granite counters
One of my requirements was that we got a wine fridge for the bar but that didn’t seem practical because what do you do with the mixers?  We ended up finding a unit that was half beverage center and half wine fridge!  It was from Costco online if you are in need of one too.
Enough of the nice photos, after we picked everything out, it was time for Eric to install the cabinets and build a stud wall.
Installing Cabinets
It was actually starting to look better.  I was actually becoming confident that he would complete the project at this time!
Did you notice that there isn’t anything behind the cabinets facing the center of the room?  Because you should have!  I made a wine cork wall, yes it is my ONLY contribution to this project.  And yes I will let everyone know it!
There was actually a reason behind our decision for the wine cork wall:
  1. I LOVE wine
  2. People can kick the wall with their feet and not scratch it
  3. If they do ruin it and lets say a cork falls off, I can just open/drink a bottle of wine and glue it on
I was convinced after discovering those three things.
Wine Cork wall
Awesome right?!  You know you want to zoom in…
Wine cork bar
I was so happy with the way it turned out!

Okay back to Eric who should have the center of attention.  After we put that up, he had to tile.

He has a picture of his dad tiling so he wanted one of himself too.

How to tile
After the tile was finished, we just had to wait for the counters to be measured and installed!
Check out more pictures of the final basement!
DIY Wet Bar
I just love it and I am so proud of Eric for doing everything!
Note: Since Eric was the one to do this project, if you have any questions that I won’t be able to answer post them below and I will have him respond to them!
Happy Crafting!

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