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Hi Everyone,

As most of you know, I was married in August and I have been very busy with life since then.  We have been doing a lot to our house that isn’t really blogable (lots of remodels!).

I did have some time recently to complete a project that I have been dying to do since before the wedding!  I created a shadowbox of things from the wedding that were special to me.

Before the wedding I really wanted to have someone do it for me but I just could not bring myself to pay hundreds of dollars for something that only cost me $25.  Sure they aren’t live looking flowers but I might actually like them more dead!

It was very simple to make and a lot easier than I expected!


  • Shadowbox
  • Pins
  • Double-sided tape/hot glue gun
  • Fabric for the background (optional)
  • You shadowbox items


It really couldn’t be more simple to make.  I decided to use my wedding bouquet, my husband’s boutonniere, our ceremony invitation, our reception invitation, and our cake topper.
My husband trimmed the cake topper for me so we didn’t have the long stakes at the bottom which was a lot easier to use!
The first thing I did was cover the back in black fabric.  The board was thick so on the sides I held the fabric by pushing pins as far in on the edges as possible.
Next I laid out all of my stuff and figured out how I wanted to lay it out.
Once you have it all in place, pin the bouquet where you want it on the shadowbox.  Since the bouquet is so big, it is easier to work around it rather than fitting it in at the end.  It is easy to do if you pin the ribbon that was wrapped around the bouquet in the back.  I used about 6 pins to make sure it was secure.
I used the pin that came with the boutonniere to pin it to the shadowbox.  Next, I used double-sided tape to tape the invitations to the back (lots and lots of tape).  Finally I used as little hot glue as possible to glue the L to the back.
It was so easy to make!  I was shocked that it was finished so quickly.  I have a few friends getting married soon, if they don’t make one I might have to steal their stuff to make it for them!
Happy Crafting!

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  1. Anonymous

    can I ask – what will happen to the flowers as they age? is that the real floral bouquet inside? did you do anything to preserve it before putting it in the shadow box?

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