Chalkboard Cookbook Stand

What do you do with a cookbook stand when you aren’t cooking?  This isn’t the start of a joke, I’m serious! I have enough on my counters without adding a cookbook stand, that takes up a lot of space. Why not make it useful at other times, enter chalkboard paint!

I thought of this idea a while ago but never really had time to make it until my mother in law’s birthday was coming up and Eric and I started to scramble.  Sorry Mom but we do this for everyone, not just you.  Let me set the scene.  Friday at 10 am I message my husband

Me: Oh no, your mother’s birthday dinner is Sunday and we don’t have a gift!
Eric: You are right, what should we get her?
Translation: I am working and you are the creative one so can you please figure it out.

Five random, useless, “I wouldn’t want that either” ideas later and I think of the chalkboard stand that I have been dying to make.  It would look cute on her counter and she definitely cooks more than I do.  So 48 hours later we gave her a chalkboard stand.  Personally, I’m impressed that we got it done in time.  We gave it to her unwrapped because we weren’t sure it was completely dry.  But it turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself.

Love it?  Want to make one of your own?  Here’s how!


  • 1 Piece of wood board cut into the following sizes
    • 1 – 9″x11″x1″ – The chalk board will be on this
    • 2 – 9″x2″x1″ – The holder of the cookbook
    • 1 – Right angle triangle cut at a 22.5 degree angle, approximately 8″x3″
  • Wood Glue
  • Sand paper or a sander
  • Paint brush
  • Painter’s Tape
  • White paint
  • Chalk board paint
  • Chalk


  1. Cut the wood into the sizes as described above
  2. Use the wood glue and the holder of the cookbook pieces into an “L” shape and then onto the front of the main piece of wood
  3. Glue on the triangle piece to the back
    1. Once dry, give it a good sanding to make sure everything is smooth
    2. Give it 2 coats of white paint, everywhere.  This may take a couple of steps because you need to paint the bottom too!
    3. Once dry, tape where you would like the chalkboard to be.  Make sure you press down on the edges well so nothing seeps out of your rectangle.
    4. Give it several coats of chalk board paint, a little goes a long way but you don’t want to see through the chalk board.
    5. Let it dry and do touch ups as necessary
    6. With your chalk, completely cover the chalkboard and let it sit before wiping it off.  If you don’t the first thing you write might be slightly visible forever!  
    1. Write a message on your chalkboard!
    If you are giving the stand as a gift, make sure you include a piece of chalk so they can write and change it as they want.

    Now I have to ask, would you leave this on your counter? 

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    1. Alyssa, this is such a cool idea! I bet your mother-in-law loved her chalkboard cookbook stand! Yes, i would use this on my kitchen counter; it's so cool!! Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspirations!!

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