10 Activities To Do Outside This Summer

It’s summer time!!!  That means for 3 months we can be outside and enjoy the warm weather while we can.  Yes I understand that when I state that it seems crazy that I still live in Cleveland but its home.

I have been making bucket lists lately and as I complete one I instantly create another in my mind and have a whole new list of things I want to do.  Well, I just finished one now and now its time to create a bucket list for this summer.  Here are the 10 things that I will be doing this summer, will you be joining me?

Activities To Do Outside

1. Attend A Baseball Game

I don’t think I have been to one in a few years.  Progressive Field got a whole new bar section and has been updating it and I have yet to check it out! Eric tends to go with his friends so I just haven’t made it a point to go myself.  But you better believe I will make this happen this summer and eat a ridiculous number of hot dogs for dollar dog night!

Attend A Baseball Game

2. Participate in a 5K Race

Before you keep scrolling, I do not mean that you have to actually run the entire thing.  If running isn’t your thing, find a fun race.  My family participates in the Warrior Dash every year and there are lots of people that walk the entire course.  If you can’t do an obstacle, no big deal you can just walk around it!
This is a great way to have fun, move a bit and support a good cause!  Not to mention that when you finish, you feel great about yourself.  I took this goal a little farther and I wanted to medal in my age group.  This past weekend I took 2nd place for our company’s 5K race!
Participate In A 5K
Warrior Dash 2015

3. Go On A Hike Or Bike Ride

Find some mountains or even a park nearby and go for a walk or a bike ride.  Maybe there is a city nearby that you can bike around and explore the area for the day.  The flowers are in bloom and the view will be beautiful no matter where you go.  This will also be sure to beat your FitBit friends step count for the day! Don’t forget to put your FitBit on your shoe if you are biking for the day!

Go On A Hike Or Bike Ride
Put-In-Bay With My Parents 2015

4. Have A Picnic

I live in Cleveland so there are only so many days that you can be outside when it is nice and you don’t have to work.  Take advantage of the beautiful weather and go to a park, a beach, or even your backyard and lay out a blank to have lunch on!  You can either
My brother on our family vacation.  I didn’t get permission before posting this first, I’m sure I will pay for this later!

5. Plant A Garden

We tried this last year and I think we might try it again.  We might try to start small and just do a herb garden instead of a vegetable garden.  Grab a pot and plant those veggies and/or herbs!  When they are ready to be picked you will have a delicious, fresh cooked meal.  It is always better when its your own garden!  Get directions here for this beautiful herb garden.
Plant A Garden

6. Go To A Farmers Market

If your garden fails like mine probably will, head over to the local Farmers market.  We can let the professionals handle the gardens and we can enjoy the fruits of their labor!  The West Side Market in Cleveland is the best place to go in my opinion.  Definitely a land mark in our city!
West Side Market in Cleveland Ohio
My friend and I at the Cleveland West Side Market

7. Go To A Flea Market

If you want to find that next upcycle project or try out the latest chalky paint trend, find your local flea market!  I really want an old mirror or large picture frame so I will fight your for it if I see you at the Cleveland Flea market!
Go To A Flea Market

8. Visit A Water Park

A water park has to be on the list of activities for a summer, its a given.  If you can’t make it to the water park to ride some cool slides, go to your nearest beach or pool and relax!  Sometimes relaxing is just what the doctor ordered.

9. Grill Out And Have A Bon Fire

Grilling out is perfect for the late night after work where you just want to enjoy what is left of the night.  Turn on the grill, throw on some burgers or hot dogs and enjoy not wearing a sweater in the cold air conditioned at work.
For the Bon Fire, S’mores.  Enough said!
10 Activities To Do This Summer

10. Volunteer

Take some time and give back.  You can go to the APL nearby and walk dogs or pick up trash on the highway.  Find something that you enjoy while giving back to your community.  Who knows, maybe it’ll be something that you will do regularly.
10 Activities To Do Outside This Summer
Hyland’s Summer Of Service Day painting a graffiti bridge
What is on your bucket list this summer?  I look forward to hearing how all of your activities are going, be sure to share in the comments below!

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  1. I wait all year to get outside. I get the "itch" to be in the garden. Or just even out walking. Getting to the NYC baseball games can be a hassle, so sometimes I enjoy the local team. Great list! (visiting from #BragAboutIt)

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