Repurposed Address Numbers

As part of fixing up the outside of our house, we got new house numbers.  We were too afraid that they would break when we took them off the house so we spent $10 on new house numbers.  But as always, after searching on Pinterest for ideas Eric and I just came up with our own idea.  I will give Eric credit for this, it was mainly his idea.


When we were redoing the kitchen, the cupboard that goes above the microwave came with the wrong door.  Instead of a sideways cabinet with double doors, it came as a vertical cabinet with a tall, skinny door.  They just sent us the new cabinet door so Eric stashed the wrong one downstairs and put the new one up.  Out of sight, out of mind for me.

As we were thinking about what to do with the house numbers, Eric went downstairs and grabbed the door and asked me if we could put it on there.  I’m not going to lie, it took some convincing but now I’m in love!

Check out how the house numbers look on the house!


What We Did

Here is what you need:

This was super easy so all we did was screw on the numbers where we wanted them on the cabinet door.  And then we hung it outside.
repurposed house numbersRepurposedRepurposed

Wrap Up

That’s it, that’s all there is to making it!  I honestly think I spent more time looking for ideas than I did actually making it.  

Have you done anything unique for your house numbers?

Happy Crafting,

6 thoughts on “Repurposed Address Numbers

  1. Great idea, and so easy to make. We need a address sign for the house and this would be perfect and I have a couple cabinet doors on hand just waiting for the perfect project.

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