Kids Apron

As I have become busier in life with less time to myself I have discovered that I enjoy baking. And my kids love to join me which makes it even better. Although they probably just enjoy sampling the ingredients. I mean, I love baking chocolate chip cookies so I can eat the chocolate chips too!

My daughter loves wearing her apron when we bake and my son has been using my apron. He has no shame wearing pink! We will be baking and my daughter will all of a sudden yell “We forgot our aprons!” so we have to pull them out to continue. She is super cute.

For Christmas Santa brought him his own apron which I customized for him. Take a look!



  1. Cut your customized chef apron in Cricut
    • Cursive font – Magnolia Sky
    • Name – Lucida Grande (Bold)
  2. Use the Cricut Heat Press
    • Temperature – 270 degrees
    • Time
      • Front – 30 seconds
      • Back – 15 seconds

What does your apron look like?

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