5 Ways To Personalize Your State String Art

Let me start by saying GO STEELERS!!  Now that that is out of my system I can continue talking about the Browns themed Ohio String Art I made for my brother-in-law.

Thanks for coming back to see what I have been up to!  Unlike most years, I only made one gift for someone in our family this year for Christmas.  It was extremely easy and fun to make but it was like I lost a bet.  My sister-in-law and her husband moved out of the state this year so Eric and I thought we would make their Christmas gifts Ohio themed.  Both of them were born and raised in Ohio just like we were.
Instead of giving you yet another tutorial for how to make the state string art, I also thought I would share a few ways to personalize your own string art.

Ways To Personalize Your String Art

1. Sports Team

Do you have a favorite sports team in the area?  What about your college’s colors?  You can paint stripes of your team logo or paint the wood one color and choose string that is the other team color.  Is there a decal that you can stick to it?

If I were to paint a Steelers one, I would paint the wood black with the 3 diamonds on the wood.  Then I would use white string for the string art.  Maybe a future Christmas gift…

2. Favorite Pattern

I love chevron.  And by love, I mean how much of that can I have without looking completely ridiculous? Why not paint the background of the state with that pattern.  You could do polka dots or stencil something onto the wood.

3. Phase or Saying

If there is a saying that reminds you of the state like “Home is where the heart is”, write it out.  There are so many phrases or sayings that can personalize the string art even more.

4. Initial

Do you need a wedding gift or bridal shower gift?  Put the initial of their last name or a monogram with a state that is important to them on the wood.

5. Home

home.  The popular new statement being put on t-shirts and other paraphernalia. One simple statement can mean so much on this piece.




  1. Sand your wood lightly until it is smooth.
  2. Paint the board based on your design.  It is easiest to do this first before you start nailing.
  3. Print an outline of your state and a heart.  Lay them on your piece to see how large you want them to be.  For Ohio, I made it as large as I could on a piece of 8.5″x11″ paper.  It was a perfect fit because it left some space around the side of the board too.
  4. Cut out your heart and state. 
  5. Tape the map to the board
  6. Nail around the state.  Keep the nails as close together as possible and just keep going.  Make sure you nail them far enough into the board so they are not loose.  Do not nail on the paper.  If you nail on the paper, it will get stuck underneath the nails and will not come out when you remove the state later.
  7. Remove the cutout of your state and place the heart where you want to on the state.  Note this does not have to be exact.  If it was, my heart and the edge of the state would overlap and that wouldn’t look as good.
  8. Nail around the heart.
  9. String the thread from the state to the heart.  Start from a state nail and wrap around a heart nail, then wrap around the next state nail and back around a heart nail.  Switch to the next heart nail every so often.  Continue until you have worked around all the state nails and back to the begining.
  10. Tip: I determined the proportion of state to heart nails.  In my case, for every heart nail there was about 10 state nails.  So I would wrap around the same heart nail for 10 state nails.  I overlapped the first couple with the nail before and the last couple with the nail after.  This process made it look less chunky around the heart.
Enjoy making your own!  I believe my brother-in-law likes his and normally I would offer to take it back if he didn’t but look at it, its Browns colors.  Gross, GO STEELERS!  Are you thinking about making one?  How would you personalize it?

Wedding Shadowbox

Hi Everyone,

As most of you know, I was married in August and I have been very busy with life since then.  We have been doing a lot to our house that isn’t really blogable (lots of remodels!).

I did have some time recently to complete a project that I have been dying to do since before the wedding!  I created a shadowbox of things from the wedding that were special to me.

Before the wedding I really wanted to have someone do it for me but I just could not bring myself to pay hundreds of dollars for something that only cost me $25.  Sure they aren’t live looking flowers but I might actually like them more dead!

It was very simple to make and a lot easier than I expected!


  • Shadowbox
  • Pins
  • Double-sided tape/hot glue gun
  • Fabric for the background (optional)
  • You shadowbox items


It really couldn’t be more simple to make.  I decided to use my wedding bouquet, my husband’s boutonniere, our ceremony invitation, our reception invitation, and our cake topper.
My husband trimmed the cake topper for me so we didn’t have the long stakes at the bottom which was a lot easier to use!
The first thing I did was cover the back in black fabric.  The board was thick so on the sides I held the fabric by pushing pins as far in on the edges as possible.
Next I laid out all of my stuff and figured out how I wanted to lay it out.
Once you have it all in place, pin the bouquet where you want it on the shadowbox.  Since the bouquet is so big, it is easier to work around it rather than fitting it in at the end.  It is easy to do if you pin the ribbon that was wrapped around the bouquet in the back.  I used about 6 pins to make sure it was secure.
I used the pin that came with the boutonniere to pin it to the shadowbox.  Next, I used double-sided tape to tape the invitations to the back (lots and lots of tape).  Finally I used as little hot glue as possible to glue the L to the back.
It was so easy to make!  I was shocked that it was finished so quickly.  I have a few friends getting married soon, if they don’t make one I might have to steal their stuff to make it for them!
Happy Crafting!

Wet Bar

Hi Everyone!

We finally (sort of) finished our basement!  We are still waiting until later this month to finish the bathroom but the rest of it is finished!

When we looked at the house and saw the basement, we just knew we had to put a bar down there!  Eric built it all on his own (besides installing the counters).  Check it out!

Eric has surprised me every day of our marriage because I didn’t really think he could do any of that.  Well honestly, I hadn’t really thought about it.
To make it more amazing, check out the before and after photo!

Wet Bar
Isn’t that change crazy?!  We absolutely love it, and Eric did an amazing job!
Are you ready to see how he did it?  Well I’m ready to share because it was painful starting it off.  Since its a WET bar, pluming comes first and that means a giant hole in our wall.  I cringe just thinking about it!
Pluming and Electrical
I didn’t mention that he ripped up the flooring too, nothing like seeing the basement at its worst!
When he put the hole in the wall all I could think of was “I hope he isn’t one of those guys that starts a project and never finishes it!”.  Keep in mind we were married for a month when he started.
Next, he did the plumbing and the electrical.  Extra outlets were necessary, I am sure at one point in time there will be a crock pot for a party and blender plugged into the outlets.
Wet Bar
He almost set our house on fire when he was doing the welding!  Thankfully I was hanging out with my mother so I wasn’t there to freak out.
We decided to have our bar designed at Lowe’s because we didn’t really know what we were doing with regards to cabinet size.  I think you can go to Home Depot too but they didn’t seem to intelligent when we tried to compare prices.  They completely designed our kitchen with stock cabinets and our input.
Next, we had to decide on all of the details.  That was actually the hardest part.  Lowe’s was actually having a deal where grade E granite was the price of the solid surface I liked.  Score!
Granite counters
One of my requirements was that we got a wine fridge for the bar but that didn’t seem practical because what do you do with the mixers?  We ended up finding a unit that was half beverage center and half wine fridge!  It was from Costco online if you are in need of one too.
Enough of the nice photos, after we picked everything out, it was time for Eric to install the cabinets and build a stud wall.
Installing Cabinets
It was actually starting to look better.  I was actually becoming confident that he would complete the project at this time!
Did you notice that there isn’t anything behind the cabinets facing the center of the room?  Because you should have!  I made a wine cork wall, yes it is my ONLY contribution to this project.  And yes I will let everyone know it!
There was actually a reason behind our decision for the wine cork wall:
  1. I LOVE wine
  2. People can kick the wall with their feet and not scratch it
  3. If they do ruin it and lets say a cork falls off, I can just open/drink a bottle of wine and glue it on
I was convinced after discovering those three things.
Wine Cork wall
Awesome right?!  You know you want to zoom in…
Wine cork bar
I was so happy with the way it turned out!

Okay back to Eric who should have the center of attention.  After we put that up, he had to tile.

He has a picture of his dad tiling so he wanted one of himself too.

How to tile
After the tile was finished, we just had to wait for the counters to be measured and installed!
Check out more pictures of the final basement!
DIY Wet Bar
I just love it and I am so proud of Eric for doing everything!
Note: Since Eric was the one to do this project, if you have any questions that I won’t be able to answer post them below and I will have him respond to them!
Happy Crafting!

DIY Garter

Hi Everyone!

I know I have been sharing a lot of wedding things lately.  My plan was to alternate between regular and wedding posts but it is just so easy to post about the wedding because our photographer’s already took all of the pictures!
I decided I wanted to make my own garter just to see how hard it would be and if I could do it.  It ended up being one of the easiest things that I did for the wedding!
I even made two garters so I could keep one and throw one!
Super cute right?!  But also super easy!


  • Lace
  • Elastic
  • Ribbon (blue and white)
  • White thread
I kind of cheated because when I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics they already had the elastic, lace and ribbon sewed together.  It was cheaper than buying it all separately.  If you have that option, take it!


Cut the elastic to the size that you want it.  I suggest putting on some shorts and actually wrapping it around your thigh.  I wrapped it in the store because I had to pay by the yard.  I got a few weird looks but oh well!
Cut the white ribbon longer than your elastic (you will be scrunching the ribbon) and the lace the same size.
Now its time to pull out the sewing machine!
Where you place the elastic and ribbon on the lace (top, center, or bottom) is completely up to you.  Sew the ribbon onto the front of the lace so that they are perfectly aligned and there is no scrunching.  Make sure you sew so that your are doing it on each side of the ribbon.  We don’t want lose ribbon!
Next, sew the elastic onto the back while scrunching up the lace/ribbon.
Finally, sew the two ends of the elastic/lace/ribbon together so the outsides are together.
That’s it, you are done!  I decided to tie a blue bow and then hand sew it onto the front.  I also looked for an L charm but couldn’t find one.

I thought it looked pretty cute the way it was though.  You can decorate it however you want!

What did you do for your garter or what are you going to do?
Happy Crafting,

Suit Card

Hi Everyone!

You know all of those Pinterest pins that you pin and say “Oh I have to do this one day, I can’t forget!” but you really do until it is too late.  Well this time, I didn’t forget!

I would attach the pin but honestly I had never clicked on it before and it was just a picture!  After the disappointment warred off and I realized I would have to do it myself, I decided not to share the “link”.

Before I get to the main event, I have to share something.  I hate buying cards.  Is there a stronger word for hate?  Detest, despise, loath.  I think they are over priced and never have enough personalization in them.

Don’t worry, my husband hates them too!  So we made a deal with each other that we would never buy each other a card again.  Yes I know I will regret this one day when I forget to make a card (I almost forgot on his birthday but shhhh).

For the wedding I had to make a card for him to read the day of and I wanted to personalize it just for him and but a little more effort in than drawing a picture like a 2 year old on the front.

So without further ado, here is the card I made him, a suit card!

Wedding card

I really liked how the card turned out because those are the colors and what he would be wearing.  It was something super easy to make but also looked great!


Here are the supplies you need:
  • White blank card
  • Black and red paper
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter (recommended)


I suggest starting with the tie and the suit coat.  Simply lay the two pieces on the card to get the right size.  Tape the pieces down with the tie under the suit (makes sense right).

Now for the pocket.  I think it ties the entire card together, especially with the cute pocket squares!

You can use your best judgement for the size of the square but the rest is based on that square.  After you cute the square, cut a rectangular shaped piece that is 1/5 of the square.  Doing this gives the suit more dimension.

Cut two triangles that overlap and are a little longer than the square and have them overlap a little.

Tape each of the pocket pieces together and trim the sides of the triangles.
Last but not least, tape the pocket onto the card and write your personal message inside.

If you want, you can always finish the suit on the other side of the card, but I didn’t think that was necessary, nor would the hubby really care about it.
It is a great card to make for the groomsmen, fathers or any male in your life!
I hope you enjoy this simple card because I know I did!
Oh wait before you stop reading, aren’t you at all curious about what Eric made for my card?  Don’t worry, I will share.
He did such a great job too didn’t he?!  When we got back from the honeymoon he handed me all of his supplies and told me he had no idea what to do with them.  I think that is his last craft for a very long time!
Did you and your spouse do anything special or personal on the wedding day?
Happy Crafting!

DIY Wedding Favors

Hi Everyone,

I want to share the favors I made for our wedding!  They took some time because I made 200 favors and anything you do 200 times takes awhile!

Our favors were chocolate Xs and Os where each guest got 1 X and 1 O.  Whether or not people knew I made the favors, it was nice knowing that I personally made them.  The cherry on top is that they were $.50 a favor!

chocolate favors

I bought several chocolate molds of each letter so that making them would go faster!

If you would like to buy the same molds I did, here are the links:

“X” Chocolate Candy Mold
“O” Chocolate Candy Mold

To make them, melt chocolate and fill the molds.  Let them cool in the refrigerator.
We bagged one of each letter and attached a label with a bow that said “Hugs and Kisses From the Mr. and Mrs.”  Eric made the tags himself and you are more than welcome to download them and use them yourself!
They turned out really cute and our guests really liked them!
The favors were something simple but a nice personal touch from the bride and groom!
What were your favors for your wedding or what are you planning?
Happy Crafting!

How To Personalize Place Cards

Hi Everyone,

Confession time, I spent way too much time thinking about how I wanted to do my place cards for the wedding.  It was something everyone would be guaranteed to see and it also had to have something that deciphered what meal they were having too.

Has this ever happened to you?  Something super pointless but for some reason matters because people might actually note that detail.

Good thing I did too because people have complimented them!

So let me give you some tips and tell you what I did!

Distinguish meals place cards

Our colors for the wedding were red, white, silver, and a damask pattern.  It was very easy to use black in the things I was doing so it almost became part of the wedding colors!
The place cards are Martha Stewart brand, Martha Stewart Crafts Place Cards, Flourish.  Be warned, it took them a few hours to dry.  I then distinguished the meals based on the different color bows.
A huge hit!
I was so glad I put so much thought into them because people commented on them!  Now on to how to personalize your own place cards:

Not so Generic

If you don’t need to distinguish the meals, have fun with your place cards!  You don’t need to buy generic place cards  but get ones with a trim or have a fun edging or in my case both!
This is the simplest way to make your place cards stand out from normal place cards.

Change Your Font

Instead of sticking to a single font for both the name and the table number, change it up!  I used a normal print for the person and a cursive font for the table number.  My cursive font is “Great Vibes” if you want to use it yourself.  I downloaded it free online that I am sure you can find by a simple google search.
By changing your font, it makes the place cards more interesting and appealing to the eye.  The different fonts is actually my favorite change about the place cards!

Distinguish Meals

There are so many different ways to distinguish meals but this is your most creative way to make you place cards yours.  Here are a few:
  • Small bows in different colors
  • Punch outs in the shape of something from your theme in different colors
  • A chicken, beef, fish, etc picture on your place card
  • Different colored place cards
Even place cards can be tied in with a theme and make them seem more like your own!  There are so many different ways to personalize your own place cards!
Leave me a comment if you have any other ideas to personalize your place cards!
Happy Crafting,

Teapot Centerpieces

Hi Everyone, I am back!

It feels like it has been months since I last blogged even though it has only been a few weeks.  I have been so busy lately with the bridal shower that I haven’t had time to blog.  Now that it has past, I have been writing thank yous.  I am still not done yet but it has been so long and I have missed blogging!

I really want to do a Bridal Shower round up but before I can do that I want to share a few more things we have made!

You have already seen my Tea Cup Candles that were our favors, but I haven’t shared our Teapot Centerpieces!!

While my mother and I were thrift store shopping, we were looking for teapots too.  I must say, these are extremely hard to find!  But we found 11 and that was perfect because we had 9 tables!

We set our Tea Cup Candles around the teapots so they both ended up being part of our centerpieces!

These were really easy to make too!

We went to Lowe’s 3 weeks before the shower to buy the flowers.  We bought ones that were just budding or had just bloomed.  That way they would be just blooming and not dying by the day of the bridal shower.

We happened to buy a few that were already in bloom and we actually couldn’t use them .  Mom planted them in her flower bed though so it was okay.

Some of the smaller flowers were for the teapots!

The week before the shower, we planted them in the teapots to let them adapt to their new pot.

We have a lot of deer and we didn’t want them to eat our plants so we did pull them inside every night. We weren’t taking that risk!  We also watered them at least twice a day.  These plants were NOT dying on our watch!

I ended up giving them away to the oldest person at each table; everyone was so chatty after that!  I heard comments like “Oh now we have to tell each other our age *giggle giggle*” and “Yes! That’s me!”.

So everyone loved it! Best part was we left the tags in them so people knew what they were and they could plant them in their garden!  We also gave them the lids so not only did they have cute flowers but if they washed the teapot, they had a cute teapot too that wasn’t going to die.

There was only one left and it was my favorite pot with my favorite flower, what a wonderful coincidence   I gladly kept it for myself!

Next week I am going to share are our Thank You cards Mother and I made, make sure you check back next week!

Happy Crafting,


Hi everyone!

I am not going to lie, I am totally blogging for my mother today.  In no way, shape, or form did I come up with this idea or even do it.

I want to share what my mother made for Eric and I for our graduation last week.  He graduated with his MBA and I graduated with 2 BS.  Yay!!

After graduation we went to dinner with our families.  Check out this awesome frame/picture Mother had made for us as our joint graduation gift!

Ignore my inability to take a straight picture (no it was not crooked on the wall)!  But isn’t this just amazing?! Breathtaking!

She purchased letter photos online and had them matted.

After having the letters matted, she took it to her friend to write Eric and Alyssa, Est. 2013.  know, I can’t get over that it is handwritten too!

She then got the whole picture framed.  It may be huge, but I LOVE it!  Gorgeous, classy and amazing!

This makes me smile every time I look at it.  No gallery wall for this, it is the center of attention for the wall!

Thanks again Mother!  We love it!

Happy Crafting,

Coral Spiral Bracelet

Hi Everyone!

I feel like I have been so far behind on posts lately because I usually write them a week before they post.  Here I am writing my post the day of!

Before I begin, I want to give a special shout out to my parents, it is their 25th Anniversary.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Today I actually want to share something I made my mother for Mothers Day!

I actually got my inspiration for the bracelet from One Artsy Mama.  She made her own but I thought it needed something extra so I made one for mom with the addition of a white bead in between the coral beads.
She actually wears it a lot and has gotten several compliments on it!
I have NEVER made jewelry before but this was super easy!  If I can do it, so can you!
The supplies are also very inexpensive compared to other stores and I could not find the coral beads online at Michaels or Jo-Ann (I’ll save you the trouble of searching now).



Cut 4 loops off of the memory wire

Just a note, I started with the coral shell and ended with one as well.

Slide on a crimp tube, then bead, then crimp tube.  Position where you would like the main bead on the bracelet and use the crimp tool to crush the tubes and secure the bead in place.

This is in the middle of the bracelet

Repeat until you are done alternating coral shell and twister bead!

Next, I used the needle nose pliers to make a spiral at each end since the wire seemed sharp.

All done!  It was so easy too!  It turned out perfect and was extremely simple!

What did you do for your mother for Mother’s day?

Happy Crafting,