Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

– James Beard

Pepperoni Bread

Growing up we would have pepperoni bread all of the time.  When I would play volleyball on the weekend, my mother would buy a loaf so I could eat it between games.  For my bridal shower I received this recipe and I make it all of the time.  Best part?  You can put as much … Read More

Crock Pot Chicken Burritos

Using the Crock Pot is my new favorite kitchen appliance.  Until I borrowed my Mother’s Crock Pot, I couldn’t make anything in it without burning dinner.  Eric actually banned me from ever using it.  And then I used hers and my entire world changed.  This is by far my favorite recipe, I have to resist … Read More

Taco Pie

This recipe is something I got from my mother in law.  When Eric and I got married, he missed his mom’s cooking and I don’t blame him because I missed my mother’s cooking.  This was one of his favorite recipes that she made.  I will be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan as a picky … Read More

Poppyseed Muffins

Let’s be honest for a minute. I go on Pinterest and I see amazing breakfast recipes but who has time for that in the morning before work? Cinnamon pancakes with a perfect swirl are not going to happen at 6 am.  But I still want a decent breakfast! I know I sound greedy, but that … Read More


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