Easy DIY Herb Garden

It is spring time!  If you are in Northeast Ohio it may not seem like spring yet but its coming.  Time to fix up the garden and plant those flowers outside!  Or if you are like me and you know nothing about gardening, its time to pretend like you know all about it. If so this is the perfect fake it until you make it herb garden!
How to make your own herb garden
When Eric and I were doing the typical last minute gift search, we were walking through Michaels and I saw this box.  When I saw it, I just knew that I should turn it into a herb garden!  I am officially obsessed with chalk boards too.  I may be a few years late to the game but everything I do I want to be a chalkboard!
How to make your own herb gardenHow to make your own herb garden
How to make your own herb garden
This herb garden is so easy to make and it looks so cute.  Perfect for your outdoor table’s center piece while growing your fresh herbs.  The herbs in this garden are parsley, basil and cilantro.  I don’t know if you use those regularly but I am sure you can find a recipe just for your fresh herbs!
So without further ado, here is how to make your own herb garden!


  • Box of your choice
  • Drill
  • Your favorite herbs
  • Dirt


  1. Drill a hole or two in the bottom of your box.  The holes are so the water can drain out if it rains.
  2. Put a layer of dirt on the bottom
  3. Place herbs in the box
  4. Fill in around the herbs and fill up the remainder of the box with herbs.
  5. Water your brand new herb garden!
How to make your own herb garden

Wrap Up

We gave this adorable herb garden to my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.  I just hope it doesn’t turn out that she has a brown thumb because I hope to have dinner at her house made with these herbs!  I think it was a pretty successfully gift if I do say so myself.
How to make your own herb garden
How to make your own herb gardenHow to make your own herb garden
How to make your own herb garden
Eric, Eric’s Mom and I on Mother’s Day
What did you do for Mother’s Day and how did you celebrate your mother?
Happy Gardening,

5 Mother’s Day Gifts

I can’t believe Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you are like me it is finally hitting you that you should figure something out for your mom.  In typical Levicky fashion, we probably won’t figure out what we are getting our Mom’s until the Saturday before.  Hopefully I can at least help get ahead of the game!

Gifts for her

Without further ado, here are 5 gifts that you can make for your mom!


Coral Bracelet
I actually gave this to my mother a few years ago and you can make it however you want!  The possibilities are endless so you can put your own spin on it for your mom!  Once you get the supplies, this is super easy to make!

Cookbook Stand

DIY Cookbook Stand
I am still obsessed with this cookbook stand and if I were a mom I would definitely want one of these.  If you make this, don’t forget to leave a cute note!

Tea Cup Candle

DIY Candle
Why buy a candle when you can make it yourself and put it in a cute tea cup!  Stop by Goodwill for a tea cup and turn it into a candle!  Warning though, making candles is kind of addicting.  I usually make them with my mother and we always try to figure what else we can make candles into.

Spa Day

Spa Day Gift
Have you seen the World’s Toughest Job Interview? Moms are amazing and they deserve a little pampering some times.  Give her the essentials for an at home spa day and then let her relax and enjoy her bath!

String Art

DIY String Art
Another cute gift for Mom!  Paint it a color that you like or write a quote that will mean something to her.

Wrap Up

What are you doing for your mom for Mother’s Day?
Happy Mother’s Day!

Wet Bar

Hi Everyone!

We finally (sort of) finished our basement!  We are still waiting until later this month to finish the bathroom but the rest of it is finished!

When we looked at the house and saw the basement, we just knew we had to put a bar down there!  Eric built it all on his own (besides installing the counters).  Check it out!

Eric has surprised me every day of our marriage because I didn’t really think he could do any of that.  Well honestly, I hadn’t really thought about it.
To make it more amazing, check out the before and after photo!

Wet Bar
Isn’t that change crazy?!  We absolutely love it, and Eric did an amazing job!
Are you ready to see how he did it?  Well I’m ready to share because it was painful starting it off.  Since its a WET bar, pluming comes first and that means a giant hole in our wall.  I cringe just thinking about it!
Pluming and Electrical
I didn’t mention that he ripped up the flooring too, nothing like seeing the basement at its worst!
When he put the hole in the wall all I could think of was “I hope he isn’t one of those guys that starts a project and never finishes it!”.  Keep in mind we were married for a month when he started.
Next, he did the plumbing and the electrical.  Extra outlets were necessary, I am sure at one point in time there will be a crock pot for a party and blender plugged into the outlets.
Wet Bar
He almost set our house on fire when he was doing the welding!  Thankfully I was hanging out with my mother so I wasn’t there to freak out.
We decided to have our bar designed at Lowe’s because we didn’t really know what we were doing with regards to cabinet size.  I think you can go to Home Depot too but they didn’t seem to intelligent when we tried to compare prices.  They completely designed our kitchen with stock cabinets and our input.
Next, we had to decide on all of the details.  That was actually the hardest part.  Lowe’s was actually having a deal where grade E granite was the price of the solid surface I liked.  Score!
Granite counters
One of my requirements was that we got a wine fridge for the bar but that didn’t seem practical because what do you do with the mixers?  We ended up finding a unit that was half beverage center and half wine fridge!  It was from Costco online if you are in need of one too.
Enough of the nice photos, after we picked everything out, it was time for Eric to install the cabinets and build a stud wall.
Installing Cabinets
It was actually starting to look better.  I was actually becoming confident that he would complete the project at this time!
Did you notice that there isn’t anything behind the cabinets facing the center of the room?  Because you should have!  I made a wine cork wall, yes it is my ONLY contribution to this project.  And yes I will let everyone know it!
There was actually a reason behind our decision for the wine cork wall:
  1. I LOVE wine
  2. People can kick the wall with their feet and not scratch it
  3. If they do ruin it and lets say a cork falls off, I can just open/drink a bottle of wine and glue it on
I was convinced after discovering those three things.
Wine Cork wall
Awesome right?!  You know you want to zoom in…
Wine cork bar
I was so happy with the way it turned out!

Okay back to Eric who should have the center of attention.  After we put that up, he had to tile.

He has a picture of his dad tiling so he wanted one of himself too.

How to tile
After the tile was finished, we just had to wait for the counters to be measured and installed!
Check out more pictures of the final basement!
DIY Wet Bar
I just love it and I am so proud of Eric for doing everything!
Note: Since Eric was the one to do this project, if you have any questions that I won’t be able to answer post them below and I will have him respond to them!
Happy Crafting!

DIY Garter

Hi Everyone!

I know I have been sharing a lot of wedding things lately.  My plan was to alternate between regular and wedding posts but it is just so easy to post about the wedding because our photographer’s already took all of the pictures!
I decided I wanted to make my own garter just to see how hard it would be and if I could do it.  It ended up being one of the easiest things that I did for the wedding!
I even made two garters so I could keep one and throw one!
Super cute right?!  But also super easy!


  • Lace
  • Elastic
  • Ribbon (blue and white)
  • White thread
I kind of cheated because when I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics they already had the elastic, lace and ribbon sewed together.  It was cheaper than buying it all separately.  If you have that option, take it!


Cut the elastic to the size that you want it.  I suggest putting on some shorts and actually wrapping it around your thigh.  I wrapped it in the store because I had to pay by the yard.  I got a few weird looks but oh well!
Cut the white ribbon longer than your elastic (you will be scrunching the ribbon) and the lace the same size.
Now its time to pull out the sewing machine!
Where you place the elastic and ribbon on the lace (top, center, or bottom) is completely up to you.  Sew the ribbon onto the front of the lace so that they are perfectly aligned and there is no scrunching.  Make sure you sew so that your are doing it on each side of the ribbon.  We don’t want lose ribbon!
Next, sew the elastic onto the back while scrunching up the lace/ribbon.
Finally, sew the two ends of the elastic/lace/ribbon together so the outsides are together.
That’s it, you are done!  I decided to tie a blue bow and then hand sew it onto the front.  I also looked for an L charm but couldn’t find one.

I thought it looked pretty cute the way it was though.  You can decorate it however you want!

What did you do for your garter or what are you going to do?
Happy Crafting,

Suit Card

Hi Everyone!

You know all of those Pinterest pins that you pin and say “Oh I have to do this one day, I can’t forget!” but you really do until it is too late.  Well this time, I didn’t forget!

I would attach the pin but honestly I had never clicked on it before and it was just a picture!  After the disappointment warred off and I realized I would have to do it myself, I decided not to share the “link”.

Before I get to the main event, I have to share something.  I hate buying cards.  Is there a stronger word for hate?  Detest, despise, loath.  I think they are over priced and never have enough personalization in them.

Don’t worry, my husband hates them too!  So we made a deal with each other that we would never buy each other a card again.  Yes I know I will regret this one day when I forget to make a card (I almost forgot on his birthday but shhhh).

For the wedding I had to make a card for him to read the day of and I wanted to personalize it just for him and but a little more effort in than drawing a picture like a 2 year old on the front.

So without further ado, here is the card I made him, a suit card!

Wedding card

I really liked how the card turned out because those are the colors and what he would be wearing.  It was something super easy to make but also looked great!


Here are the supplies you need:
  • White blank card
  • Black and red paper
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter (recommended)


I suggest starting with the tie and the suit coat.  Simply lay the two pieces on the card to get the right size.  Tape the pieces down with the tie under the suit (makes sense right).

Now for the pocket.  I think it ties the entire card together, especially with the cute pocket squares!

You can use your best judgement for the size of the square but the rest is based on that square.  After you cute the square, cut a rectangular shaped piece that is 1/5 of the square.  Doing this gives the suit more dimension.

Cut two triangles that overlap and are a little longer than the square and have them overlap a little.

Tape each of the pocket pieces together and trim the sides of the triangles.
Last but not least, tape the pocket onto the card and write your personal message inside.

If you want, you can always finish the suit on the other side of the card, but I didn’t think that was necessary, nor would the hubby really care about it.
It is a great card to make for the groomsmen, fathers or any male in your life!
I hope you enjoy this simple card because I know I did!
Oh wait before you stop reading, aren’t you at all curious about what Eric made for my card?  Don’t worry, I will share.
He did such a great job too didn’t he?!  When we got back from the honeymoon he handed me all of his supplies and told me he had no idea what to do with them.  I think that is his last craft for a very long time!
Did you and your spouse do anything special or personal on the wedding day?
Happy Crafting!

DIY Wedding Favors

Hi Everyone,

I want to share the favors I made for our wedding!  They took some time because I made 200 favors and anything you do 200 times takes awhile!

Our favors were chocolate Xs and Os where each guest got 1 X and 1 O.  Whether or not people knew I made the favors, it was nice knowing that I personally made them.  The cherry on top is that they were $.50 a favor!

chocolate favors

I bought several chocolate molds of each letter so that making them would go faster!

If you would like to buy the same molds I did, here are the links:

“X” Chocolate Candy Mold
“O” Chocolate Candy Mold

To make them, melt chocolate and fill the molds.  Let them cool in the refrigerator.
We bagged one of each letter and attached a label with a bow that said “Hugs and Kisses From the Mr. and Mrs.”  Eric made the tags himself and you are more than welcome to download them and use them yourself!
They turned out really cute and our guests really liked them!
The favors were something simple but a nice personal touch from the bride and groom!
What were your favors for your wedding or what are you planning?
Happy Crafting!


Hi everyone!

I am not going to lie, I am totally blogging for my mother today.  In no way, shape, or form did I come up with this idea or even do it.

I want to share what my mother made for Eric and I for our graduation last week.  He graduated with his MBA and I graduated with 2 BS.  Yay!!

After graduation we went to dinner with our families.  Check out this awesome frame/picture Mother had made for us as our joint graduation gift!

Ignore my inability to take a straight picture (no it was not crooked on the wall)!  But isn’t this just amazing?! Breathtaking!

She purchased letter photos online and had them matted.

After having the letters matted, she took it to her friend to write Eric and Alyssa, Est. 2013.  know, I can’t get over that it is handwritten too!

She then got the whole picture framed.  It may be huge, but I LOVE it!  Gorgeous, classy and amazing!

This makes me smile every time I look at it.  No gallery wall for this, it is the center of attention for the wall!

Thanks again Mother!  We love it!

Happy Crafting,

Coral Spiral Bracelet

Hi Everyone!

I feel like I have been so far behind on posts lately because I usually write them a week before they post.  Here I am writing my post the day of!

Before I begin, I want to give a special shout out to my parents, it is their 25th Anniversary.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

Today I actually want to share something I made my mother for Mothers Day!

I actually got my inspiration for the bracelet from One Artsy Mama.  She made her own but I thought it needed something extra so I made one for mom with the addition of a white bead in between the coral beads.
She actually wears it a lot and has gotten several compliments on it!
I have NEVER made jewelry before but this was super easy!  If I can do it, so can you!
The supplies are also very inexpensive compared to other stores and I could not find the coral beads online at Michaels or Jo-Ann (I’ll save you the trouble of searching now).



Cut 4 loops off of the memory wire

Just a note, I started with the coral shell and ended with one as well.

Slide on a crimp tube, then bead, then crimp tube.  Position where you would like the main bead on the bracelet and use the crimp tool to crush the tubes and secure the bead in place.

This is in the middle of the bracelet

Repeat until you are done alternating coral shell and twister bead!

Next, I used the needle nose pliers to make a spiral at each end since the wire seemed sharp.

All done!  It was so easy too!  It turned out perfect and was extremely simple!

What did you do for your mother for Mother’s day?

Happy Crafting,

Mason Jar Candle

I am sure you are incredibly sick of candles but one last time!!

My mother and I made even more tea cup candles!  But there weren’t any that I had to share and lets face it, you are probably sick of looking at tea cup candles.

We had wax left over so we made a mason jar candle.  It was super cute so I had to share!  We made them exactly the same as the Tea Cup Candles.  I just had to share it!

Isn’t it just so cute?!  Totally different then all of the tea cup candles and it is great!  Definitely more practical for around the house and we said this is perfect for the kitchen.
Happy Crafting,

More Tea Cups!

Hi Everyone!

Mother and I made more tea cups this week and we are doing our last round next week!  It is kind of bittersweet but I am sure we will have plenty more to do for the bridal shower.

I wanted to share our favorite tea cup of this round:


So pretty!  We are both currently trying to claim it as our own!  If you want to know how to make them, check out my post Tea Cup Candles.  So easy!

While we were making them I spilled wax all over myself.  Oops!

How to get wax out of clothes
Thankfully I was wearing jeans.  If you want to get the wax out, just put a paper towel over the spot and iron it (first time these jeans every got ironed).  There was a stain left from the dye so I put some stain stick and it all came out!  I was so shocked, I even went to the store and bought a new pair of jeans to replace these but I don’t need them anymore!
Happy Crafting,