Snowman face mask

This year I really struggled to find a good gift for our daycare teachers. They really have done so much by adapting to the new way of teaching that homemade chocolate covered desserts just doesn’t seem enough during COVID. Obviously the best gift is money or a gift card but that seemed impersonal. I needed to come up with something to accompany the gift card and not something they have 100 of. And then the light bulb went off what about a fun face masks for them to wear at work that the kids would enjoy? Enter snowman masks! We will probably get snow in April, maybe even May so this mask could be used for many more months.

Take a look at how to make these masks.


Free SVG File


  1. Use the Snowman SVG file and cut in Cricut. Don’t forget to turn mirror on!
  2. Weed your orange and black vinyl.
  3. Set the Cricut Heat Press to 280 degrees.
  4. Press your blank face mask for 10 seconds.
  5. Place orange for nose on mask and use the heat press for 15 seconds. Peel plastic off when complete.
  6. Align black on mask and use the heat press for 30 seconds.
  7. Flip mask over and use the heat press for 15 seconds.

What do you think? Do you know a kid that would love if you wore this face mask?

House Warming Gift: It’s A Wonderful Life Theme

Growing up brings on lots of new experiences and celebrations.  You are no longer just going to someone’s birthday party once a year.  Now there are celebrations for marriage, babies, and new homes.  I am sure there are many more but I am learning as I am going.  One of the hardest gifts I have a hard time figuring out is what to get someone who just moved into a new home.

From now on I will always give this It’s A Wonderful Life themed house warming gift.

House Warming Gift

If you haven’t seen It’s A Wonderful Life yet then we can’t be friends.  Okay we can but you need to watch it.  My family watches the movie every Christmas Eve, it has gotten to the point where shush each other because everyone has their own favorite line that they say out loud during the movie.  
When my husband married the family, he thought we were ridiculous.  Let’s be honest, he still does but it is growing on him.  I think he is starting to appreciate why it is my favorite holiday tradition.
House Warming Gift
Since this movie has been such a big part of my life growing up it seems only fitting that I give people a house warming gift like the one from the movie.  
Bread, that this house may never know hunger
Salt, that life may always have flavor,
Wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever”
~It’s A Wonderful Life

What is even better is that it is super simple to put together.  Without further ado, here is how to make it.



Read carefully because it is so easy you might miss a step!
  1. Place the basket shred in the basket.
  2. Place the bread, wine and salt nicely in the basket
  3. Print the first picture on this post onto your card and write a nice sentiment inside.
Think you can do it?  I do!

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoy giving this basket as much as I did.  And don’t forget, if you haven’t seen It’s A Wonderful Life make sure you add that to your watch list!

Does your family have a tradition or movie that means a lot to you?  What is your version of our family’s Christmas Eve tradition?

Before I let you go, make sure you take a look at these last few pictures!

House Warming Gift
House Warming Gift

Spa Day Tumbler

What do you do when you want to spoil your friend for her birthday but you can’t afford an expensive day out?  Give her a spa day in!

I gave this to my friend last year for her birthday and this post is so delayed that its almost her birthday again!  Happy belated/early birthday Julie! 
My goal was that every part of the gift could be used.  Mason jar gifts are great but thats the new trend and you can’t really use it as part of spa day!  Instead, I used a tumbler with a straw so she could fill the glass, sip and enjoy while relaxing.  This was so easy to make, the hardest part was trying to fit everything in the cup.
  Here is all you need to make this spa day gift with links to Amazon to buy:
  1. Tumbler With Straw
  2. These are my favorite kind of glasses, hardly any leakage when they tip over.  Can you say sippy cups for adults?!
  3. Packet of On The Go Drink Mix
  4. Its not cucumber water but a lemon packet in the tumbler adds flavor to the day.
  5. Nail Polish
  6. What is spa day without painting your nails, that is a must.  It was so hard just picking one color.  I went with something that she might not have already but was still something I could see her wearing.
  7. Nail File
  8. You can also find these individually in the beauty section of most local stores.
  9. Bath Bomb 
  10. I bought a pack and could only fit one in the glass.  I guess I will have to take advantage of a relaxing bath too.
  11. Face Mask
  12. While relaxing in the bath, she can clean up her pores and relax.

I tied a cute bow and label on the straw and it was ready!  I thought it was so cute I didn’t want to put it in a gift bag.

There are so many other things to add to the gift but I could only fit so much into one tumbler.  Whatever will make your spa day more relaxing, add it!

What makes your spa day more relaxing?

Chalkboard Cookbook Stand

What do you do with a cookbook stand when you aren’t cooking?  This isn’t the start of a joke, I’m serious! I have enough on my counters without adding a cookbook stand, that takes up a lot of space. Why not make it useful at other times, enter chalkboard paint!

I thought of this idea a while ago but never really had time to make it until my mother in law’s birthday was coming up and Eric and I started to scramble.  Sorry Mom but we do this for everyone, not just you.  Let me set the scene.  Friday at 10 am I message my husband

Me: Oh no, your mother’s birthday dinner is Sunday and we don’t have a gift!
Eric: You are right, what should we get her?
Translation: I am working and you are the creative one so can you please figure it out.

Five random, useless, “I wouldn’t want that either” ideas later and I think of the chalkboard stand that I have been dying to make.  It would look cute on her counter and she definitely cooks more than I do.  So 48 hours later we gave her a chalkboard stand.  Personally, I’m impressed that we got it done in time.  We gave it to her unwrapped because we weren’t sure it was completely dry.  But it turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself.

Love it?  Want to make one of your own?  Here’s how!


  • 1 Piece of wood board cut into the following sizes
    • 1 – 9″x11″x1″ – The chalk board will be on this
    • 2 – 9″x2″x1″ – The holder of the cookbook
    • 1 – Right angle triangle cut at a 22.5 degree angle, approximately 8″x3″
  • Wood Glue
  • Sand paper or a sander
  • Paint brush
  • Painter’s Tape
  • White paint
  • Chalk board paint
  • Chalk


  1. Cut the wood into the sizes as described above
  2. Use the wood glue and the holder of the cookbook pieces into an “L” shape and then onto the front of the main piece of wood
  3. Glue on the triangle piece to the back
    1. Once dry, give it a good sanding to make sure everything is smooth
    2. Give it 2 coats of white paint, everywhere.  This may take a couple of steps because you need to paint the bottom too!
    3. Once dry, tape where you would like the chalkboard to be.  Make sure you press down on the edges well so nothing seeps out of your rectangle.
    4. Give it several coats of chalk board paint, a little goes a long way but you don’t want to see through the chalk board.
    5. Let it dry and do touch ups as necessary
    6. With your chalk, completely cover the chalkboard and let it sit before wiping it off.  If you don’t the first thing you write might be slightly visible forever!  
    1. Write a message on your chalkboard!
    If you are giving the stand as a gift, make sure you include a piece of chalk so they can write and change it as they want.

    Now I have to ask, would you leave this on your counter? 

    Dates for a Year

    So I must start this post with mentioning that it is not the most successful Christmas gift but we will see how it goes for the rest of 2013.

    I gave this to my fiance because he didn’t want anything for Christmas.  I figured what better way to spend my money then paying in advance for some of the things we would do!

    I apologize because I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped the gift!  Since I got the idea from Find Joy In The Journey, I will use their picture and explain it.

    Here is the Christmas gift:

    The basic concept is for every month there is an envelope with a pre-paid date idea inside.  The hardest part about making the gift was that I had to come up with 12 quality date ideas that don’t break the bank.
    I decided on this gift because Eric didn’t really want anything for Christmas and this is a great way for us to still go on dates together even though we will be saving money for all of our new bills!
    All you have to do is put a note explaining the date and the money needed in a sealed envelope with the month labeling it.  In the blog that I read, she bought gift cards for each place but Eric hates gift cards so instead I just put the actual cash in the envelopes.  It is also nice in case we don’t spend everything so we can keep what is leftover or spend it on other dates!
    What isn’t posted in the other blog is that no one wants to wait to open a gift for every month.  Well at least my fiance didn’t!  Eric told me I was crazy for thinking he would wait until that month to open it so he opened them all right there but oh well!  He opened every single one right in front of me.  I was so disappointed but hopefully your significant others won’t do that too!
    Since he opened them all, I thought I would share our future dates!  Even if you need a regular date idea, check them out!  Keep in mind we are geting married in August and are currently engaged and getting ready for the married life.
    • January – Recreating our engagement with dinner!
    • February – Ice skating and money for hot chocolate
    • March – Order in dinner and Bride and Groom Challenge.  If you are married, they have one for Husband and Wife as well!
    • April – Make a craft for our apartment (Look forward to this blog post!)
    • May – Going for a hike or bike ride and taking a picnic with us
    • June – Free cooking class at William-Sonoma
    • July – Drive-in movie
    • August – We are getting married and have our honeymoon so just a simple relaxing night making dinner together and watching a movie.  Since this will probably be our first weekend married at home, it might be the best date!
    • September – Simple spa night of his choice.
    • October – Buy a carving book with patterns and carve pumpkins.  Since this can take all day, money for ordering dinner as well so I don’t have to cook!
    • November – Inviting a couple over and hosting our friends for probably our first event!  I am sure we will be busy and won’t get to see many people.
    • December – Bake Christmas cookies and watch a Christmas movie!
    I am excited for our first date in January!  Let me know how your basket goes if you make one!
    Happy Crafting,