5 Mother’s Day Gifts

I can’t believe Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you are like me it is finally hitting you that you should figure something out for your mom.  In typical Levicky fashion, we probably won’t figure out what we are getting our Mom’s until the Saturday before.  Hopefully I can at least help get ahead of the game!

Gifts for her

Without further ado, here are 5 gifts that you can make for your mom!


Coral Bracelet
I actually gave this to my mother a few years ago and you can make it however you want!  The possibilities are endless so you can put your own spin on it for your mom!  Once you get the supplies, this is super easy to make!

Cookbook Stand

DIY Cookbook Stand
I am still obsessed with this cookbook stand and if I were a mom I would definitely want one of these.  If you make this, don’t forget to leave a cute note!

Tea Cup Candle

DIY Candle
Why buy a candle when you can make it yourself and put it in a cute tea cup!  Stop by Goodwill for a tea cup and turn it into a candle!  Warning though, making candles is kind of addicting.  I usually make them with my mother and we always try to figure what else we can make candles into.

Spa Day

Spa Day Gift
Have you seen the World’s Toughest Job Interview? Moms are amazing and they deserve a little pampering some times.  Give her the essentials for an at home spa day and then let her relax and enjoy her bath!

String Art

DIY String Art
Another cute gift for Mom!  Paint it a color that you like or write a quote that will mean something to her.

Wrap Up

What are you doing for your mom for Mother’s Day?
Happy Mother’s Day!

Spa Day Tumbler

What do you do when you want to spoil your friend for her birthday but you can’t afford an expensive day out?  Give her a spa day in!

I gave this to my friend last year for her birthday and this post is so delayed that its almost her birthday again!  Happy belated/early birthday Julie! 
My goal was that every part of the gift could be used.  Mason jar gifts are great but thats the new trend and you can’t really use it as part of spa day!  Instead, I used a tumbler with a straw so she could fill the glass, sip and enjoy while relaxing.  This was so easy to make, the hardest part was trying to fit everything in the cup.
  Here is all you need to make this spa day gift with links to Amazon to buy:
  1. Tumbler With Straw
  2. These are my favorite kind of glasses, hardly any leakage when they tip over.  Can you say sippy cups for adults?!
  3. Packet of On The Go Drink Mix
  4. Its not cucumber water but a lemon packet in the tumbler adds flavor to the day.
  5. Nail Polish
  6. What is spa day without painting your nails, that is a must.  It was so hard just picking one color.  I went with something that she might not have already but was still something I could see her wearing.
  7. Nail File
  8. You can also find these individually in the beauty section of most local stores.
  9. Bath Bomb 
  10. I bought a pack and could only fit one in the glass.  I guess I will have to take advantage of a relaxing bath too.
  11. Face Mask
  12. While relaxing in the bath, she can clean up her pores and relax.

I tied a cute bow and label on the straw and it was ready!  I thought it was so cute I didn’t want to put it in a gift bag.

There are so many other things to add to the gift but I could only fit so much into one tumbler.  Whatever will make your spa day more relaxing, add it!

What makes your spa day more relaxing?