5 Mother’s Day Gifts

I can’t believe Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you are like me it is finally hitting you that you should figure something out for your mom.  In typical Levicky fashion, we probably won’t figure out what we are getting our Mom’s until the Saturday before.  Hopefully I can at least help get ahead of the game!

Gifts for her

Without further ado, here are 5 gifts that you can make for your mom!


Coral Bracelet
I actually gave this to my mother a few years ago and you can make it however you want!  The possibilities are endless so you can put your own spin on it for your mom!  Once you get the supplies, this is super easy to make!

Cookbook Stand

DIY Cookbook Stand
I am still obsessed with this cookbook stand and if I were a mom I would definitely want one of these.  If you make this, don’t forget to leave a cute note!

Tea Cup Candle

DIY Candle
Why buy a candle when you can make it yourself and put it in a cute tea cup!  Stop by Goodwill for a tea cup and turn it into a candle!  Warning though, making candles is kind of addicting.  I usually make them with my mother and we always try to figure what else we can make candles into.

Spa Day

Spa Day Gift
Have you seen the World’s Toughest Job Interview? Moms are amazing and they deserve a little pampering some times.  Give her the essentials for an at home spa day and then let her relax and enjoy her bath!

String Art

DIY String Art
Another cute gift for Mom!  Paint it a color that you like or write a quote that will mean something to her.

Wrap Up

What are you doing for your mom for Mother’s Day?
Happy Mother’s Day!

Tea Party Time: Bridal Shower Overview

Hi Everyone,

I am back!  Not only am I back but I never gave you a Bridal Shower overview!  I want to share how amazing everything was since I had a fabulous time!

The theme of the shower was a Tea Party and Cupcakes!

Tea Party

Our invitations were Tea Bride Invitations from The American Wedding.  There are both tea and cupcake items on the invitations!  Make sure you head over to check them out, they were completely customizable.

When guests walked in, there was a place to put the recipes that they brought and which table they were to sit at.

Bridal Shower Entrance
We went to thrift stores and bought tea cups and tea pots, they were really cheap!  We planted flowers into our tea pots using them as centerpieces, if you missed that post check it out here.  At the end we gave it to the oldest guest at each table.  Our guests loved it!
We also made Tea Cup Candles as favors for our guests.  They doubled as an additional centerpiece attraction.  People actually loved all of the different tea cups and being able to swap them with each other.  

Tea Party Centerpieces

While everyone waited around, we had a guessing game for people to guess how many pieces of candy were in the containers.  One jar was my favorite candy and the other was his!  We didn’t really want to do games, so this was the main one.
When I opened gifts, we had a 7 min timer.  Every time the timer went off, the person whose gift I was opening received a prize!  It kept everyone interested so they didn’t get bored watching me open the gifts.

Tea Party Game

I don’t have a picture of our food table but we had cucumber, turkey, and chicken salad finger sandwiches with a regular and a fruit salad.  We also served hot and cold tea for our beverages.
Tea Party Tea
Dessert was everyone’s favorite part!  My maid of honor made red velvet and regular madelines, some were even dipped in chocolate.  They are one of my favorite cookies so I was extremely excited about them!
We also had sugar cookies made in the shape of tea cups, tea pots, and cupcakes.  There were cupcakes as well of course!
Lastly, my friend made Lemon Cheesecake Shortbread Bites.  She actually blogged about it too so make sure you check them out here!
Bridal Shower Desserts
Bridal Shower Desserts
My tea set from when I was little!
Bridal Shower Desserts
Since I just got a new DSLR camera and we couldn’t find thank you’s online that Mother and I liked, we had a mini-photo shoot on the kitchen table!  Here was our favorite picture that we took, it incorporated everything from the shower.
I had them printed as photo cards and I sent the picture below as my thank you cards!  The theme of the bridal shower continued even through the thank yous.

Tea Party Thank You Card

I had the best time ever and I couldn’t have asked for a better bridal shower.  It flew by so fast but it was great seeing family and friends and celebrating our future marriage.  I not only had fun at the shower itself but making everything with my mother and bonding before I left “the nest”.
What is your favorite part of tea parties?
Happy Crafting,

More Tea Cups!

Hi Everyone!

Mother and I made more tea cups this week and we are doing our last round next week!  It is kind of bittersweet but I am sure we will have plenty more to do for the bridal shower.

I wanted to share our favorite tea cup of this round:


So pretty!  We are both currently trying to claim it as our own!  If you want to know how to make them, check out my post Tea Cup Candles.  So easy!

While we were making them I spilled wax all over myself.  Oops!

How to get wax out of clothes
Thankfully I was wearing jeans.  If you want to get the wax out, just put a paper towel over the spot and iron it (first time these jeans every got ironed).  There was a stain left from the dye so I put some stain stick and it all came out!  I was so shocked, I even went to the store and bought a new pair of jeans to replace these but I don’t need them anymore!
Happy Crafting,

Tea Cup Candles

This is my favorite craft so far!  I am so excited to share it with you I am pretty much jumping in my seat!  I got the idea off of Martha Stewart’s website.

So the worst part about this craft is that these are my bridal shower gifts so I will be spoiling the surprise for the guests at the bridal shower.  However they have something to look forward to!

My mother and I made these together and we had a lot of fun together.  It only took us one and a half hours to make 33 candles!

Here are the things that you will need :

  • Tea cups (with or without saucers)
  • Pot
  • Candle Pouring Pot
  • Candle Wax
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wick Sustainers and wicks
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Candle Dye
  • Candle Scent
  • Super glue
Now before I explain how to make these gorgeous candles, I should explain where I found some of theses items.  I am not associated with any of these companies so this is my personal opinion.

I started with the candle wax.  My mother and I had no idea what kind of wax we wanted or where to find it at so we started searching online.  I found a great site Lone Star Candle Supply that explains the different types of wax and which you should use for each type of candle.  We ended up choosing IGI 4636 from the website since the description was helpful and it was a decent price for wax.  We also choose our pink dye and Japanese Cherry Blossom scent from the site as well.   

The candle pouring pot and the candle wicks we bought from amazon.  I highly recommend the Candlemakes Store for the wicks because you get so many for such a cheap price!
Lastly the tea cups which is the most fun part!  My mother and I went to thrift stores like Goodwill (yes the thrift shop happened to come on every time we were looking and we would blast it) and bought tea cups and matching saucers for a total of $1 each.  A lot of the places we went to had around 10 tea cups that we liked (and that was us being picky) so it is really easy to find them!  This is probably the best part because you get to see all of these different types of tea cups!

Before I begin, I want to mention that my grandma was afraid that the hot wax would melt or ruin the tea cups, it did not!  So don’t be afraid to use them!

Now for the fun part!

Preparation of the wax:

Cut up your wax into smaller pieces (ours came in one giant 10lb block) by heating up a knife under hot water.

Cutting Wax

Put water in the pot, and put it on the stove to start heating up the water.  Put your candle pouring pot inside and place some of your wax inside.  Do not overfill the pouring pot with wax.  You can always add more blocks after you have melted it all of the way.

Candle Pouring Pot

Once the wax is melted, add scent until you can smell the scent inside of the wax.  You don’t want add too much so that you don’t over do it for when the candle is burning.  Also add drops of coloring to the wax.  We wanted a light pink so we put 8 drops of the hot pink into the wax.  Mix it together so it is consistant throughout.  When you let the candles dry, they will dry whitish.  Mother and I kept making the dye darker because we thought it was turning white but it drys white and then will go back to your dyed color after.

Adding candle scent

Preparation of the tea cups:

To prepare the cups, you need to glue the wick inside the cup.  Put hot glue on the bottom of the wick sustainer and place in the center of the cup.  Use one of your popsicle sticks to push it down in the bottom of the cup so you don’t burn your finger.

wick sustainerspreperation of candles
Before I begin, you need to make sure your cups are where you want to keep them for at least 2 hours.  You can move them after than to let them finishing cooling but you will not be able to move them before that.
Pour the hot wax into the tea cup.  Pour a little more than you actually want into it because the wax will condense a little while it is drying.
Filling candle container
Using your popsicle sticks, bend the wick over it so that the wick is centered in the candle.
Candles drying

Let them dry.  This is the worst part because you just want to see the finished product!

Finishing touches:

Take off the popsicle sticks and trim the wick.  Your candle is all done!

Tea cup candle
Optional step:
We had saucers for our teacups as well so we super glued the tea cup to the saucer after the wax was dried.

Extra assistance:
If you want to see a real-time video of how to do this, head over to this great video that my mother found where she shows you how to make candles.  We used this so we could figure out how to properly make them.  The lady isn’t that social but her husband does a great job clarifying what you need to do and she doesn’t over complicate the process.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Crafting,